EVANS TALKS OF MY BEING "often interviewed on television or takes part in discussion programs". Daß ich nicht lache! Under the pressure of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and other traditional enemies of free speech, the BBC and other British television and radio authorities no longer allow me to broadcast live and only very rarely in recorded interviews. The South African Jewish Board of Deputies admitted to the press having applied similar pressure to the South African Broadcasting Company. Mr Adams no doubt had his reasons for not inviting me to participate in the Evans interview to provide balance. Similar Anti-Defamation League pressure was applied in the United States in 1977 if not long before then to prevent U.S. Television producers from allowing me to appear on live discussion programmes. When a Buenos Aires television producer unwittingly allowed me to have a live interview with top chat show host Maurizio Goldfarb in that city in October 1991, he was dismissed on the following morning as a punishment. I could go on.