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Jo Lapping, assistant to producer Nick Fraser, e-mails to Mr Irving:


Subject: Hyde Park

Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 10:51:19 +0100

From: To Lapping <>

To: <>

Just to confirm the details for tomorrow:

1000 cab booked for 81 Duke Street. W1.

1030 (approx.) Hyde Park. The RV is at The Dell Cafe/Restaurant, Serpentine Road. I have asked the driver to go to the Triangle Car Park - this is the nearest road access to the Cafe (the Serpentine Road runs east from the car park along the north bank of the lake).

1115 (approx.) cab booked to collect you from the Triangle Car Park.

I hope that this is all OK - please give me a call if you have any queries or would like me to fax a map.

Jo Lapping
0181 752 6374

Regards, Jo Lapping


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