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From: Bjorn Hanssen, Norway Sunday, May 2, 1999 [UPDATED 9.5.99]

I AM WRITING only to inform you that the "documentary" "Journey to the Far Right" was broadcast on the Norwegian state owned television channel NRK 1 (audience usually 800,000 - 1,000,000) yesterday May 1 between 21:35 - 23:00.

Yours sincerely

Bjorn Hanssen


See item on NRK's website:

21.35: Fakta på lørdag: En reise i det hvite Europa (t) [Facts on Saturday: A journey in[to] White Europe]

Den britiske journalisten og forfatteren Nicholas Fraser oppsøker ledere og tilhengere av ekstreme nasjonalistbevegelser i en rekke land i Europa. Reisen starter i Paris 1. mai 1998. For Fraser - og for oss - blir det et møte med hatets Europa, der demoner fra fortiden nærer forakt for demokratiet.

[British journalist and author Nicholas Fraser visits leaders and followers of extreme nationalist movements in several countries in Europe. The travel starts in Paris May 1, 1998. For Fraser - and for us - it is a meeting with a Europe based on hate, where demons from the past show contempt for democracy]

[http://www.nrk.no/cgi-bin/programoversikt/omtale.cgi?kanal=NRK1&ukedag=6&uk e=17&aar=1999&omtale=4]

 David Irving replies:

 Thank you. My staff are already working on the form of a lawsuit against the British Broadcasting Corporation for the gross deception and defamation involved in making and broadcasting this documentary. See the dossier. Website visitors are invited to inform me of any other occasions when this film has been broadcast.

 © Focal Point 1999 David Irving