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London, Saturday, April 3, 1999


Dear Director-General

Journey to the Far Right, March 20, 1999.

Dear Director-General

Journey to the Far Right, March 20, 1999.

I asked to receive from you by close of business on Thursday, April 22, i.e. today, a letter with substantive proposals to redress my complaint. Not only have you not complied with this request, but the BBC has evidently sold rights in the programme, unaltered, to other countries. I have today received this communication from Scandinavia:

Finnish national TV2 showed yesterday Nick Fraser's document "Journey to the Far Right" and there was also a very short interview or should I say a debate with you. I suppose you are already familar with the document. I was not surprised to read from Helsingin Sanomat April 21 a review from the document where Harri Uusitorppa writes for example the following: " is easy to snort at an English historian who denies the existence of concentration camps". And the English historian was you since there was no one else English historian in the document. But as far as I know you have never denied the existense of concentration camps. If you want to send e-mail to Harri, his e-mail should be: Anyway, I will certainly send my comments to him tomorrow. If you will send a message to him, please let me know about it.

I shall accordingly now take the usual steps to commence action for deceit and defamation under the new procedures. I reserve my rights in every respect. My fax number here is 0171 409 7048.

Yours sincerely,

David Irving

The Director-General
BBC Television
201 Wood lane,
London W12 7TS

E-mail from David Irving to, Thursday, April 22, 1999

The BBC deceived me into taking part in this progrmame by stating that it was for the series Storyville, about the bans on freedom of speech of which I am a victim. The programme ("Journey to the Far Right") as broadcast was about something very different, and I would never have participated in it. You can find my dossier on this forthcoming libel action on my Website

David Irving (Duke Street, London)


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