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The BBC Peddles its Libellous Programme around the World regardless of the Law

London, Saturday, April 3, 1999


Dear Director-General

Journey to the Far Right, March 20, 1999.

I have now received a reply from Mr Graham dated March 31. I do not propose to proceed via your programme complaints units, but shall seek more obvious relief through the courts unless the BBC responds more substantively to my complaint. (I already have two writs being heard in the High Court next year). From Mr Fraser's original letters to me in October 1997 there can be no doubt about the deceit.

Perhaps you should review those letters first; they can be found on our Website at Legal/BBC/index.html. Pending a reply from the BBC - there is no point my corresponding with Mr Fraser - please take notice that I have asked my legal friends to look into the matter.

Please confirm that, as requested in my letter of March 27, you have taken appropriate steps to ensure that none of the relevant raw unedited video- and audiotapes that were shot during my interview and thereafter is wiped, and that all relevant correspondence, notes, and other papers are also preserved.

Yours sincerely,

David Irving

The Director-General
BBC Television
201 Wood lane,
London W12 7TS


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