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Photos of David Irving

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David Irving's brother John
David Irving's older brother Wing Cdr John Irving on his farm in Wiltshire

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 D Irving at Spiegel office
David Irving as honoured guest at headquarters office of »Der Spiegel«, Hamburg in the early 1980s (click image for enlargement)

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Der Spiegel serialised five of Mr Irving's best-selling books, including The Mare's Nest, The Virus House, Uprising, and the Rommel Biography.

 Smuggled in as a 'Bild Zeitung' reporter, at Der Stern
press conference in Hamburg on Apr 25, 1983, David Irving
was the first to declare Stern's "Hitler Diaries" were fakes

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Irving exposes HItler diaries

Irving exposes HItler diaries


Irving exposes HItler diaries

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