The International Campaign for Real History
David Irving stages a demonstration outside Berlin television station SFB on October 3, 1989
In October 1989 several worthy but ignorant German historians including Eberhard Jäckel and Joachim Fest refused to sit at the same table as Mr Irving for a panel discussion on Sender Freies Berlin. Mr Irving says: "I know what they were afraid of." Instead of sacking them, SFB disinvited him. He still flew to Berlin that day, and staged a demonstration outside the SFB building in Masurenallee, with friends carrying banners reading: GERMAN HISTORIANS. LIARS AND COWARDS. (Years later, Mr Irving's lawyers found that the Nuremberg public prosecutor had started race-hate proceedings against him, later abandoned, for that word German.) At left is Spanish publisher Pedro Varela, whom Austria held for six months in the 1990s before releasing him without charge, after arresting him on a legally authorised lecture tour.
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