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posted Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Clara Cawdell, wife of John Irving, Oxford headmaster

Left: Elisa, the Mother of Clara Cawdell. Great grandmother of author David John Cawdell Irving

Right: Clara Irving before her marriage to Headmaster John Irving

before marriage

Left: Clara Cawdell after her marriage to Oxford Headmaster John Irving

Right: John Irving in garden at 36 Southfield Road, Oxford with (left to right) oldest son John J C Irving, wife Clara née Cawdell, Harry M N H Irving.

Clara Cawdell

John Irving's wife Clara née Cawdell -- seen at left, on the Eastbourne seafront with her sister in 1938 -- (daughters of Sergeant James Cawdell).

Left: Infant Harry Irving on lap of his mother Clara  

Right: Infant Harry Irving, on his mother Clara's lap

poor original

poor original

Left: Clara Irving and youngest son, infant Harry Irving in garden at Oxford

Right: Clara Irving in the garden at 36 Southfield Road, Oxford with youngest son Harry M N H Irving.

poor original

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