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 Image above: In May 1976 David Irving interviews Christa Schroeder, Hitler's secretary 1933-1945


81 Duke Street,
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Fragmentary notes on the conversations with Frl. Christa Schroeder during a drive with her to Austria and back, 20.-21.April 1974.

1. She was Hitler's private secretary 1935 (?) to the end.

2. In March 1945 Hitler was in a bad mood during a mealtime. He began to complain that er sich wirklich um jedes Kleinkramm beschäftigen müsse. The wretched people had to stand in line in Voss Strasse for access to the bunker, and he had ordered [Alwin-Broder] Albrecht (Adjutant) to see that a shelter was erected for them there. This had still not been done. What would Germany be like after he, Hitler had gone? Hess, Göring, Himmler, were out of the questions as Nachfolger. There then followed the well-known snatch of dialogue about Himmler, and the Reichsführer's being too „amusisch" to make a good leader. This conversation was in the secretary's Treppenzimmer at the Reichskanzlei.

3. On 16. April 1945 she had asked Hitler, „Was wird nun wenn die Russen..." (etc.) Hitler had replied, „Berlin bleibt doch Berlin." This was also im Treppenzimmer.

4. In Februar 1944 there was trouble between Hitler and Frau Exner: Darges wollte Exner heiraten (kurz vor der Abreise von der Wolfsschanze). Bormann stellte fest, dass sie eine Vierteljüdin sei. Daraufhin wurde sie beurlaubt. Führer ass nichts mehr, was sie kochte, inzwischen. In Berchtesgaden merkte Eva Braun das. Das Essen wurde nunmehr vom Sanatorium Dr. Zabel herbeigeholt. Frl. Manziarly was then invited to take over as Hitler's Diätköchin. She asked Frl. Schroeder whether she would recommend her (Frl. M) to accept the invitation.

5. On etwa 18. Juli [1944] in der Wolfsschanze, Hitler mentioned his Vorausahnung that something evil was going to happen. This was during a meal im Führerbunker dort, attended only by her.

6. In the Berghof she found in Hitler's desk a letter to Geli Raubal from a boyfriend in (Wien?). The Wiener had written to her that it was wrong for her uncle (Hitler) to dominate her for ever as though she was a Parteigenosse, in einem Jahr werde sie volljährig... usw. Frl. Schroeder kept the letter, but it was taken from her by the French interrogator [Anton] „Zoller" in 1945.

7. On one occasion in 1944 Hitler made some curious sexuelle Andeutungen to her and Fr. [Gerda] Christian after [Prof. Dr Theodor] Morell had just treated him. They told Morell this, and the doctor leered and said this was the result of certain hormones he had just injected.

Meeting with Christa Schroeder
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