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Posted Sunday, April 3, 2005

A Hitler portrait from the Bechstein household, offered for sale

ADOLF HITLER oil painting, original by Ernst Heilemann

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The owner, Harris, writes:

ATTACHED is a portrait of Hitler, done for Edwin Bechstein by Ernst Heilemann in Berlin in 1928. It came out of a storage locker of a recently passed WW2 vet. It had been damaged by some GI with a knife. I just got it back from an art conservitor who repaired the damage. The reverse side shows the Bechstein's Berlin address of No. 6 Johannstrasse. As you probably know , this is the period when Helene Bechstein was helping Hitler with money, influence, etc., to further his political carreer. Thought you might like to see this.

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Inscription on back of painting
Inscription on the back of painting reads: Ernst Heilemann fecit 1928, Berlin.
Besitzer: Edwin Bechstein, Berlin, Johannesstr 6
Translation: Ernst Heilemann fecit 1928, Berlin.
Owner: Edwin Bechstein, Berlin, Johannesstr 6
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