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The Sunday Times

October 24, 1999

HitlerHitler's Final Enigma Solved

SCIENTISTS have the final confirmation that Adolf Hitler died in Berlin in 1945. Using forensic dentistry and computer imaging, they have proved beyond doubt that the charred remains found by Red Army soldiers outside a bunker in Berlin were indeed those of the Führer, writes Fiona Fleck.

The discoveries by Michel Perrier, which complement previous Russian claims, will be made public in a paper at a conference in London tomorrow. Fragments of Hitler's skull and jawbone, locked away in KGB archives in Moscow, had been thought too charred to conclusively confirm their identity, but Perrier, a leading expert at the Institute of Forensic Science at Lausanne University, decided to investigate.

Although he was not granted access to the bones, Perrier analysed Russian archive documents and photographs that could help him identify the remains. Perrier, who often assists the Swiss police, also made detailed notes from the American military interrogation of Hugo Blaschke, the society dentist who treated Hitler from 1938 to 1945.

"Hitler was a very difficult patient, very impatient. He had several hang-ups about his teeth and he had very bad breath, probably because of gum disease," Perrier said.

Blaschke built Hitler several elaborate dental constructions, which were identified by Soviet experts with relative ease.



Daily Telegraph story: Dental detective work gets to the root of Hitler mystery: Using forensic dentistry and computer imaging, scientists have proved that the charred remains of Hitler found by Red Army soldiers in Berlin were those of the Führer | Sunday Times version of same story
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DAVID IRVING first published the X-rays of Hitler's head and sketches by dentist Blaschke in a readers letter in Die Zeit thirty years ago. They are also depicted in his book Hitler's War (New York, 1977; London 1991 etc). It is good to see the "scholars" catching up.
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