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Bormann, Hitler, Schaub

Martin Bormann, Adolf Hitler, Julius Schaub (photo: Walther Hewel)

From the Julius Schaub papers, Irving collection ED 100/203 at the Institut für Zeitgeschichte, Munich:


 Without doubt Goebbels had the biggest influence on AH, far more so than Bormann. He invented the concept of Führer for AH, and hammered the Führer principle into the people. GoebbelsGoebbels always discussed his propaganda with Hitler, even during the war. Whether his influence on Hitler can be regarded as favorable or unfavorable, cannot be decided here. It was to Goebbels' credit that the people toed the line to the very last moment.

It is a certainty that Goebbels ordained the Reichskristall Sunday (sic) with the SA commanders. The SS was innocent of this, apart from a few lesser officers. When AH learned on that Sunday of the antisemitic outrages he was furious with Goebbels. He made a frightful scene with Goebbels and told him that this kind of propaganda was just damaging, in fact downright dangerous particularly with regard to overseas. That Sunday in Munich 1938 [Website note: The day is an error. Sunday was either Nov 6 or 13, 1938] Hitler had returned to his home from a ceremony. In his residence on Prince Regent Platz he learned of the events. AH tried to save what could still be salvaged and ordered that some of his staff, Schaub among them, had to halt the plundering at once. AH particularly tried to stop the worst befalling the internationally famous art dealers Bernheimer.

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