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Four Hitler Paintings found in cleric's trunk



Adolf Hitler's painting ,,Dorfstrasse mit Kirche, Nieder Österreich' is SOLD.

The vendor states:

PAINTING depicts a church at Easter time along a rural road running through a small town in Niederösterreich (Lower Austria). In German that painting is called ,,Dorfstrasse mit Kirche, Nieder Österreich' (Village Street with Church in Lower Austria). It is a watercolor on paper measuring 125 mm x 190 mm and is signed in the lower right corner "A. Hitler". The paper, the size, signature and artistic technique are fully consistent with other works painted by Hitler while he lived in Vienna from the autumn of 1907 through May 1913. It was during this period that Hitler first came to know the Priest in question.

We believe that this painting was first framed in the 1940s or 1950s, or perhaps it was reframed at that time in this frame. The backside of the frame bears the label of FRANZ DEUTICKE BUCHHANDLUNG in the SCHATTENHOF in the center of Wien, probably the framer.

This is a carefully composed, splendidly rendered, colorful small painting (about 8-1/2 x 11 inches overall frame size), typical in every way of both Austria and the artistic style of Adolf Hitler. The painting comes with two separate authentications: 1.A professional "Expertise" or Expert Opinion from a well-known Viennese historian and art restorer, and 2.a comprehensive, professional Certificate of Authenticity signed by both Ray and Josephine Cowdery with their signatures notarized. Also included with the painting are color photocopies of an interesting selection of the ephemera owned by the Priest and purchased by the Cowderys with this painting.


Karlskirche | Burg am Fluss | Dorfstrasse mit Kirche | St. Ulrichshof, Wien

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