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The 1912-1913 paintings of Adolf Hitler

Posted Thursday, April 11, 2002

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Prof Ernst Wilkinghoff

Certificate of Authenticity

THE 21 coloured pen and ink drawings of Old Munich, which were left by the late Frau Helen Schwaiger, are by Adolf Hitler and measure 12 x 16 cm or 13 x 18 cm. They are from his first Munich period between 1913 and 1914. Each is signed by him in the bottom right hand corner with "A.H. 1913 or 1914".

The pictures are executed in pen and watered-down indian ink on white, but now strongly yellowed, cartridge paper and for the most part are lightly coloured in water colour or pastel colours. From this period there still also exist a large number of water colour pictures, most of which are also painted on postcards. Hitler sold such pictures at this time in beer cellars and earned his living thereby. As an exception, Frau Schwaiger received the pictures for having often provided him with him food without payment while she was a waitress.

The pictures -- often repetitive and painted from images and not from life -- shown the following views:-

  • Various views of the old town hall
  • The new town hall with the towers of Our Lady
  • The Church of Our Lady
  • Feldherrnhalle with Theatre church
  • Hofgartencafe (Annast)
  • Without Herbergen in the Au
  • The Tsar Gate
  • The Sendlinger Gate
  • Konigsplatz
  • Victory Gate
  • The Chinese Tower

The pictures are those of an amateur, but are not without talent. They change hands at present for prices between 1000 and 1,500 DM, but the prices may increase considerably in the course of time.

Munich, May 3, 1962.

Ernst Wilkinghoff

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