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IN 1981, while researching for his Hitler biography, David Irving visited the well-known Stern journalist Gerd Heidemann at his home in Hamburg, Germany. Heidemann was (and still is) a brilliant researcher on Nazi Germany. He built up over the years, and has carefully guarded, an archive of 7,000 ring binders of exclusive documents and interviews. He made many of these documents available to Mr. Irving both then and later. Mr Irving published the translation of one key item, the shorthand record of Hitler's conversation with a Swabian dipomat, Eduard Scharrer, in his newsletter Focal Point in 1982 ("The Voice from Beyond Valhalla"). Along with his other research files, Mr Irving donated the German document to the Institut für Zeitgeschichte in Munich where it can be seen in the Sammlung Irving.
More recently, for his work on Heinrich Himmler, Heidemann has provided to Mr Irving an even more crucial historic document - the primary shorthand notes taken by Scharrer's secretary during the lengthy talk with Hitler. Hitler sets out in unvarnished terms his secret ambitions, and his recipe for solving Germany's problems, including hyper-inflation and the "Jewish Problem." Mr Irving assesses this document as being of greater historical value than Mein Kampf, and even than Hitlers Zweites Buch.
Index to Documents relating to Consul-General Eduard Scharrer
Hitler sets out his secret plans to a wealthy donor in December 1922, a year before the ill-fated Munich putsch
(a) original shorthand pad transcribed
(b) secondary version, prepared from primary version (a)
Münchner Post, April 3, 1923 publishes a mocking hint at who the donor is
English summary of the content of the shorthand transcript, from Chapter 10 of David Irving's forthcoming biography of Heinrich Himmler (Copyright).
The NSDAP gives Scharrer a receipt for one million Reichsmarks, February 23, 1923
Scharrer asks Hitler to visit his sickbed, September 17, 1930
Scharrer thanks Hitler for visit, October 13, 1930
The NSDAP writes to Scharrer September 25, 1931
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