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Posted Thursday, March 4, 2004
Reich Chancellery desk

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Chancellery desk: Eagle stamp

A wonderful Christmas or Hanukkah present for a husband or father


A genuine desk from Hitler's Reich Chancellery in Berlin

This extraordinary relic has just come on to the market: we suggest offers in excess of $20,000, which we will forward to the owner. [E-mail us mailto]

THIS is a large leather-topped walnut writing desk. It is stamped or branded in a number of places with the Reich Eagle insignia above a swastika, followed by the inscription, Reichskanzlei (Reich Chancellery, the fabulous government building in Berlin designed by Albert Speer in 1938/1939). The desk originates from Belgium. It is extremely well made with beautiful inlays and the brass ring handles are stamped 'Kunath'. The Reichskanzlei stamp appears in more than one place; the ones in the photo (left) were previously concealed, hence the lighter patches to either side.

 below: Hitler's study in the Reichskanzlei

Hitler's study in Reichskanzlei

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