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Posted Sunday, August 21, 2005

London, August 19, 2005

Hitler sister footage to be shown

Paula Hitler A RARE TV interview with Adolf Hitler's sister will be screened for the first time since 1959, having been found in a hunt for missing shows.

Paula Wolf was filmed talking about her brother for hour-long ITV documentary Tyranny: The Years of Adolf Hitler, which also interviewed his chauffeur [Erich Kempka].

It was rediscovered in ITN's archives as part an ongoing search for footage by the British Film Institute (BFI).

It will be screened from November by the BFI to mark ITV's 50th anniversary.

International search

Paula Wolf, Hitler's youngest sister who died in 1960 aged 64, was asked to share personal stories about her brother in the documentary.

Directed by Peter Morley, it also included interviews with Hitler's associates and fellow employees.

The documentary was discovered by TV historian Dick Fiddy, who traced footage to Germany and the US before finding the full show in London.

It will be shown alongside Shaggy Dog, an ITV drama by playwright Dennis Potter that was rediscovered by TV enthusiast group Kaleidoscope.

Previously thought destroyed after its only broadcast in 1968, the 51-minute show was found earlier this year in the LWT archive at London's South Bank.

No copies were made of numerous vintage broadcasts due to the expense of making early TV recordings.

The BFI conducts an ongoing search for "lost" footage entitled Missing Believed Wiped.

Paula Hitler "We archive as much footage as we can, but we do not have everything," said BFI spokesman Nick Pearson.

"If people do have original old TV footage dating back a long way, we are always interested to hear from them."



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