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 Posted Sunday, July 7, 2002

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Key West, Fl. March 20, 2001


Dear Ian

Did you really say this: "[re] Excerpts of Goebbels's wartime diaries...Mr. Kershaw...said his biography was the first to fully exploit them."

It is in today's New York Times para. 12: I don't remember seeing you in the Moscow KGB archives next to me in 1992 when I was the first to bring the diaries out and use them for my Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich. But perhaps the New Yorkers pretend that that book does not exist!

Seriously, I am aware that journalists screw up their interviews, and I am sure you would not really have made such a claim.


Yours sincerely,

David Irving


Professor Ian Kershaw
Department of Modern History
University of ShefÞeld
ShefÞeld S10 2TN

diaries in boxes



Picture on right: The original unopened boxes of Goebbels diaries microfiches on the desk in the Moscow archives, photographed by David Irving, 1992


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