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15th July 2002


Focal Point Publications
81 Duke Street
Grosvenor Square
London W1M 5DJ

Dear Sirs

"Sir Ian Kershaw: Dissecting Hitler"

It has come to our attention that there is currently posted on your website at the article "Sir Ian Kershaw: Dissecting Hitler" dated Friday 14th June 2002. This article was written by Andrew Walker of the BBC's News Profiles Unit and appears on the BBC News website at

The BBC owns the copyright in this article and therefore has the right to prevent unauthorised copies being made and used. Use of BBC News material is strictly controlled by license and no license has been granted for use of such material on your website. The article included on your website has been copied from the BBC News website in its entirety and in the circumstances amounts to an infringement of the BBC's copyright. The use of this article in your website is damaging to the BBC and to the editorial integrity of BBC News and BBCi.

We note that we have had cause to write to you on previous occasions, notably 19th May 2000, to request that you remove BBC copyright material from your website. You are not permitted or licensed in any way to use BBC material and we are concerned that you are repeatedly making use of BBC copyright material . We therefore require that you immediately cease to use material that has been copied from the BBC News or BBC website and that you undertake that you will not in the future copy material from any BBC source.

We look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, the BBC's rights are expressly reserved.

Yours faithfully

BBC Litigation and Brand Enforcement Department