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Danny Parker writes from Florida about a visit to Albuquerque on document hunting business, February 19, 2001



Gutierrez is missing


WHEN I was in Albuquerque, I was unable to locate a Robert A Gutierrez who resides on Ranchero Road. Perhaps his address has changed as there were a number of individuals by the same name.

I do plan a pilgrimage to Schloss Fischhorn this summer of sometime thereafter. I am looking to write a short story about the unusual series of events that took place there.

I think told you I had located a cache of papers on the Fischhorn story at the [US] National Archives. I think you are likely aware of these (Investigative Repository Report files on Franz Konrad), but let me know if you do not have them.

Has Gutierrez been willing to speak with you in the past? I am not as interested in finding out about his loot, as finding out about what happened to him in May, 1945, what he knows about Konrad etc and what really happened there. If you can help me out with locating him, I would appreciate it.

Danny Parker


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