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IN APRIL 1969, while researching for his Hitler biography, David Irving visited Dr Erwin Giesing, at his surgery in Krefeld, West Germany. Giesing was the doctor who had treated Hitler's shattered eardrums until October 1944, beginning three days after the traitors' bomb had failed to kill him on July 20. Dr Giesing had been interned in June 1945 at Military Field Intelligence Unit No. 4 (M.F.I.U.4) at Wiesbaden in Germany. While there, he wrote a chronological record of his treatment of Adolf Hitler, and of his conversations with him, based on the notes he had jotted down in Latin or in shorthand in a small yellow pocket book. After his release from internment in 1947, he retrieved the document from its hiding place and deposited it in a German bank safe. He handed it over to Mr Irving during their interview, drawing attention in particular to the following conversation he had had with Hitler about the Kaiser's English biographer J. D. Chamier - a book which was, incidentally, banned by the Nazi Party in Germany. Mr Irving donated the entire diary to the Institut für Zeitgeschichte in Munich where it can be seen in the Sammlung Irving.
 [No photograph of Dr Erwin Giesing is available]
Index to the 1944-1945 diary and papers of Dr Erwin Giesing
the German army doctor (ENT Specialist)
who treated Hitler after the traitors' bomb plot



Giesing's sketch map of Hitler's Headquarters The Wolf's Lair







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