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Documents on Swiss banker François Genoud



Cordula Schacht [Genoud's lawyer] to David Irving,
March 7, 1986 [Original is in German]


Dear Mr Irving

Monsieur Genoud sent to me your request to give the Federal Archives a directive that you are permitted to look into the Goebbels Diaries. I will do accordingly, and take the opportunity to ask you for some information.

You know the background of the publication history of the Diaries by Hoffmann & Campe. M Genoud is litigating against Hoffmann & Campe at present for various reasons. It would be important to know for this Complaint whether you were ever furnished at that time by Hoffmann & Campe with copies of parts of the Þrst transcription made at that time. [Lined in margin at that time and Red ball point note by D.I. in margin: 'No. Never'.]

You can answer the question in the afÞrmative, if it is indeed so, conÞdently. There threatens no disadvantage either to you or the English pirate publishers of the Diaries edition 1939-1941. Your putative possession of copies would not be culpable in any event, and in the meantime claims against the pirate printers have run out of time. I know already of a considerable number of persons who have possessed copies.

Yours sincerely


Irving to Genoud,
Key West, Florida, October 31, 1988 [draft, as Þle copy; in French]



As you are no doubt aware an American publishing house has commissioned me to write a short biography of Joseph Goebbels. I have already spent several months in the United States conducting the major part of my researches. I hope I will also succeed with the Russians in obtaining access to those documents which are in their archives on this subject.

I have no intention of reproducing many quotations from the Goebbels diaries but I cannot deny the value of these sources. I thus have two questions to ask: what formalities are necessary to use Goebbels documents in which I recognize your rights? Do you know other collections of documents on Goebbels of which I might not be

aware? If the Hoover Library I have photocopied all the Þles of the attorney Frank Korf, where I found several interrogation reports on the Goebbels family.

I'll be back in London November 17.

Please accept, Monsieur, &c &c &c, yours sincerely



Irving to Genoud,
January 16, 1989 [Handwritten, photocopy of original, in German].


Dear Herr Genoud!

You recently expressed an interest in the interrogation reports conducted by the US attorney K Frank Korf on behalf of the US government re 'Goebbels property'.

Yours very sincerely,

David Irving



Irving to Genoud, Key West, Florida,
December 25, 1989 [Xerox copy of original in German]


Dear Herr Genoud!

My work on the draft of the biography of the 'Little Doctor' is striding forwards. The diaries are astonishing, I am reading them line by line and trying to grasp it all. A complicated, brilliant character! I was in Potsdam [communist East Germany] too and worked there on the Goebbels papers. I hope to get Hoffmann & Campe to take the book. Would you like to see the draft when it's ready? Did I ever send you the Korf papers from California (interrogations, etc.)?

I'm attaching, for your Bormann collection, something from a Colonel Bradin, whose father found these papers in the Führer Bunker in 1945. Remarkable, aren't they? Is there anything about Bor- Goebbels in the Bormann Letters? I can't remember, and I don't have the English edition here. I'm over there mid February, perhaps I'll drop in on you.

Yours sincerely,



Genoud to Irving, [Lausanne]
Pully, January 3, 1990 [Original, in German]


Dear Herr Irving

hearty thanks for your letter of December 25 from Key West. I'm happy to learn that the biography of the 'Little Doctor' and great man is making good progress and I would naturally be very happy to see the draft soon.

You did send me the Korf papers at the time. Once more many thanks.

Unfortunately you did not send me a document from a Colonel Bradin but a reader's letter of a 'polish student' Janusz Patck in the New York City Tribune. I'd be happy to see the Colonel Bradin document.

There's little about Goebbels in the Bormann letters. On the one hand a great admiration for the steadfast character of Goebbels, on the other a degree of reserve of the apparatchik vis-à-vis the propagandist.

I'd be very happy to see you again and remain, with friendly greetings and wishes,




Irving to Genoud,
London May 8, 1990 [Xerox copy of original, in English]


Dear Monsieur Genoud

Among the papers of the widow of Gauleiter Hanke I found the enclosed newspaper report about the Bormann family which I am sure will interest you. When I was in Munich a month ago I telephoned but heard that you had had an accident and were in hospital. I do hope that you have recovered in the meantime and offer you my best wishes for your recovery. Meanwhile my own work on the Goebbels biography is continuing.

Yours sincerely ,



Irving to Genoud,
London July 14, 1991 [Xerox copy, unsigned, in German]


Dear M Genoud!

I enclose a little list of corrections I have made to the Interim Index to the Fröhlich edition of the GOEBBELS-Diaries. If you also have such lists, I would welcome an exchange. I have also corrected a number of errors in the diary-transcriptions themselves.

My own transcription and revision of the Goebbels Diary February-October 1938 is now complete.

Yours sincerely, DAVID IRVING


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