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Thursday, April 8, 2004

The attempts by the Japanese government to surrender, July - August 1945

These extracts from British and American archives may contain phonetic or transcription errors. We invite comments, corrections and expansions. Please give details of item referred to. [comment]


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Jul 8, 1945: Japanese approach to Swedish government to act as mediator

Jul 12, 1945: Japanese telegrams to Moscow inviting Soviets to act as mediators, are intercepted by American codebreakers and sent to Truman at Potsdam.

Aug 10, 1945: Intercept 148150 of French ambassador in Washington to foreign ministry Paris, No 4887, August 6, 1945 | also August 10, 1945. From Minister for Foreign Affairs, Tokyo, to Japanese Minister, Berne, No. 649 Circular, date 10th August 1945  and No. 648, MFA Tokyo to Japanese Minister, Berne, August 10, 1945 (PRO file HW37/3)

Dec 1945 British Government conceals that attempts were made by the Japanese government to surrender in July - August 1945

Nov 1979: Note on a discussion of this matter at the US Naval History Symposium, Annapolis, Maryland

1995: David Irving article: Release when Ready: Japan's attempts to end the war, and the dropping of the Bomb


Documents on the order to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima

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