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Appendix 'C' to Main HQ 30 Corps 111/21/GSI9B0 dated 26 May 45

'The arrest of Heinrich Himmler'

During the morning of 20 May 45 a group of five German officers and seven other ranks were detained at the bridge control at Bremervörde 9444 and referred to the NCOs of 45 FSA Section and 1005 FSRD for checking. At first the Germans denied being all in the same party, and one of them, a doctor*, claimed that the ORs were in his care as walking patients.

All the members of the party carried discharge papers issued since May 45, and some of these papers were stamped GFP [Geheime Feldpolizei]. Under interrogation, one of the ORs [Other Ranks] admitted that that they were all in the same party and were all in fact GFP.

The party stated that they were policemen from Munich, and had received orders from the United to report to the Polizeipräsidium there.

The party expressed concern about two other comrades** whom they had been forced to leave behind at a farm, since they were sick. The FS NCOs offered to go and collect the missing members, and one of the German officers was taken along as a guide. They drove to the supposed resting place of the other two, but found no one.

The German officer expressed his apologies and said the other two must have gone.

That evening the twelve GFP men were dispatched to Westertimke and a general warning was issued that two further members of the party might turn up in the area.

At 1700 hrs 22 May a party of three German civilians were detained at the same bridge control at Bremervörde. Their papers indicated that they were recently discharged from the German army, and the tell tale GFP (SD) stamp was again present. They were put under arrest by Sgt. Britton of 45 FS Section.

In interrogation it became clear that they were the rearguard of the GFP and stated that they were on route for Munich.

One of the second party was Sgt. Heinrich Hizinger, an unimpressive figure with several days growth of beard, long hair, no glasses and a patch over one eye. He was dressed in an odd collection of civilian garments, with a blue raincoat on top.

They were despatched to Westertimke and thence to 031, and Heinrich Hizinger's arrest report was duly submitted.


  * presumably Oberfeldarzt Müller
** presumably Himmler and his adjutants

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