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I gave life in Auschwitz, I did not take it.

The Independent

November 23, 2004

Letters show Mengele never regretted crimes

By Danielle Demetriou

THE Nazi war criminal [sic. Website note: He was never tried] Josef Mengele never regretted his crimes and died convinced of the superiority of the Aryan race, documents obtained by a local newspaper in Brazil, where he lived for years in hiding, show.

The daily Folha de S. Paulo obtained 85 documents, some in Mengele's handwriting, from the files of Brazil's federal police, which investigated Mengele after his death in 1979. They would not comment on the papers.

They reflect the racist convictions of the infamous "Death Angel" of the Auschwitz extermination camp. In a November 1972 letter, Mengele says he hopes that racial mixing in Europe is confined to "neighbouring countries" and that the population of northern European nations "does not decrease".

Mengele also praises the apartheid regime that governed South Africa until 1994. "Apartheid is an effective and unique way to prevent racial mixing," he says.

Mengele fled to Argentina in 1949. Ten years later he moved to Paraguay, and then to the interior of Brazil's Sao Paulo state in 1960. He drowned, aged 66, in the coastal town of Bertioga. DNA tests in 1992 proved his identity.


The Angel of Death unrepentant to the end

SAO PAULO, Nov. 22 (UPI) -- THE German doctor known as the Angel of Death for his part in the murders of hundreds of thousands of Jews during World War II was unrepentant to his end.

Josef Mengele, who fled the Third Reich as it collapsed and finally settled in South America, kept dairies that have only recently been revealed, The Scotsman reported Monday [November 22, 2004] .

The diary material and letters, found last month at the federal police building in Sao Paulo, were seized in 1985 from the home of the German couple who hid Mengele, who died in 1979.

His personal writings reveal an absence of remorse for his crimes against humanity, continued support for Adolf Hitler's plans to create a master race, and admiration for South Africa's apartheid.

Of his own actions in "selecting" whether victims at Auschwitz were to live and work, be experimented upon, or sent to the gas chambers, he wrote: "I gave life in Auschwitz, I did not take it."

Mengele, the gifted son of a rich industrialist, has been held responsible for the deaths of as many as 400,000 people in the infamous Polish death camp.

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Website note: Mengele's possessions have been transferred to the Museum of the Academia Nacional de Polícia in Brasília, where they will be displayed to the public as delegado da PF Wenderson Braz Gomes, who has custody of the effects, stated. They will be exhibited in a glass case next to the possessions of Che Guevara.


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