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Posted Sunday, June 5, 2005, updated Thursday, October 21, 2010


A Nuremberg lawyer questions Himmler's wife

Source: Herbert Hoover Presidential Library,
West Branch, Iowa 52358

From the Benjamin Silliman Papers.

Photo: Margaret Boden, later Himmler ca. 1919: University of Albuqerque, South Western Research Center

[One page, handwritten:]



Margaret Himmler


Q. Did you see much of your husband before the war?

A. Well, very frequently, one couldn't say that.

Q. Not very often?

A. No, not very often.

Q. How did you get along with him?

A. Must I answer that question?

Q. Well, why not.

A. (No response)

Q. This is entirely confidential. Nobody is going to read it except myself.

A. Well I think that the Americans and the British know just as well as I do that my husband was not faithful to me.



[complete transcript]

The private diary of Himmler's wife Marga 1937-1945: pdf, 0.5MB. Translated into English; edited and annotated by David Irving | German original text (pdf; extracts only)

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