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Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 17:32:35 -0500

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From: Mark Worrell

[...] I think this whole line of argument is getting nowhere and I see no benefit. There has to be more to life than beating up each other's literary heroes and famous thinkers.

Professor Cohen sent out an email (to myself, Sloane, and Michael) describing his journey through an antisemitic discussion network because he wanted to know what and how they think. Wow, a sociologist? I'd love to know what he found. Professor Cohen, could you provide a brief (or detailed!) report regarding what you found and could you provide an initial interpretation? If you could provide us all with the site address maybe we could go look for ourselves, take some notes, and get back together to discuss some real-time antisemitism right here.

If, on the other hand, the discussion thread continues in its present direction, I think a new set of procedures ought to be followed. It would be more efficient if, from now on, we produced a list of people who were NOT Jew-haters. As an alternative to the reverse strategy, maybe, in a concession to scholarly precision, we could institute a rating system whereby one could assign a percentage of antisemitism to some person. For example, Twain could be assigned an Antisemite percentage of, say, 48 and Emerson might be a 22% antisemite etc. We could even make it more subtle by attributing a proportion to these figures as they were in their own historical contexts, and, a number that could determine their quantity of hatred "as if" they were alive today. For example, Melville might be 30% antisemitic in his own day but 75% antisemitic if he were alive today.


Mark Worrell


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