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Hitler's other War (on cancer)


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Author: John P Fox

Proctor Book and Other References

With reference to Suzanna Hicks's helpful reference to the New York Times review of the new Robert Proctor book by Michael Sherry - the latter underlining yet again how total objectivity and not emotion must be the watchword of Nazi studies - list members might be interested in a small contribution of mine to the wider discussion of doctors and Nazis.

It was in a review article entitled "The Road to the Racial Millenium: German Medical Science From 1870 to 1945. A Review Essay" (Patterns of Prejudice. Volume 26. Nos. 1 & 2. 1992. pp. 103-23).

One of the points I emphasised in that piece was the extent to which the post-1945 world had actually taken much farther many of the "medical science" ideas "pioneered" by German doctors during the Nazi regime. Indeed, taken so far nowadays that we hardly blink our eyes at some practices in place today in terms of "controlling the population" that, in the history books at least, the Nazi period was so condemned for.

John P Fox


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