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Wehrmachtausstellung [War Crimes Exhibition] update


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Author: John Bottger

Date: Monday, June 21, 1999

[Moderator note: We cannot post copyrighted material on H-Holocaust, but listmembers are welcome to go directly to the website noted. Dr. Bottger, is there a website for the Der Spiegel interview as well? -sh]

THE exhibition on crimes of the Wehrmacht encounters growing scholarly criticism. Below, list members will find an interview with the German military historian Rolf-Dieter Mueller that appeared in the June 7 edition of "Der Spiegel."

In addition, the June 14 edition of the "Berliner Morgenpost" featured an interview with the Hungarian military historian Krisztian Ungvary, titled "90 Prozent der Wehrmachtsausstellung verändern".

According to Ungvary's research, only 10 percent of the photographs show Wehrmacht crimes, another 10 percent atrocities perpetrated by Finns, Hungarians, Ukrainians, and the NKVD, while in 80 percent of the photographs no crimes are visible.

Best regards, Jorg Bottger
Independent Scholar


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Now visit this link on the website of the rightwing Deutsche Nationalzeitung and download a leaflet (with photos) plus petition against the Wehrmachtaustellung: "Informationsflugblatt (PDF) zu Reemtsmas Ausstellung. Fakten, die die Fälschungen widerlegen"

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