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More on Magda's tumultuous affair with Viktor [Haim] Arlosoroff

Subj: Magda Goebbels Documentary
Date: Tuesday, September 5, 2000 11:53:33 am

Dear David Irving,

I am currently researching a documentary about Magda Goebbels and was very interested to read an article posted on the internet "Revelations from Goebbels' Diary".

There were two things in particular that I wanted to ask you about.

You mention Magda being shot at by her lover, Victor Arlosoroff, when he finds out she is having an affair with Goebbels. I believe there is some debate as to whether Magda was still having an affair with Arlosoroff at this time, and so as to whether the lover who fired the shot was in fact Arlosoroff, or whether it was another man, a young student, who she referred to as "Ernst". I would be fascinated to hear the arguments supporting the fact that it was Arlosoroff.

You also mention that you actually met with Lida Baarova in Salzburg and that she is still alive and well. I believe the article was written in '98, so I was hoping you may be able to tell me if she is still alive and if there was any way of contacting her.

I would be truly grateful for your help.

Best Regards

Andrea von Eisenhart

Assistant Producer

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