Documents on the International Campaign for Real History

Documents on David Irving's Relations with the German Government

[November 11, 1993]




SUMMARY. ON TUESDAY EVENING British historian David Irving was ordered by Munich city authorities to leave Germany by midnight last night November 10/11. He flew back to London at 5 p.m. yesterday. He is appealing the ban.

BACKGROUND. Mr Irving has been conducting an International Campaign for Real History since 1991. Since mid October he has been lecturing in the United States. A week ago he was approached by an organiser who wished him to address students at Munich university on Tuesday. Mr Irving made one phone call from Huntsville, Alabama, to the organiser and arranged a rendezvous at a well-known Munich restaurant at 4:20 p.m. Tuesday evening. He flew from the USA to London on Monday, then to Munich. At 4:25 p.m. officers of the German Staatsschutz (state security) raided the restaurant and handed him a pre-written 33pp document date-stamped November 9, ordering him out. This ban has nationwide effect in Germany, so Mr Irving was unable to deliver further lectures at Stuttgart, Hanover, and Dresden.

QUOTE. Mr Irving says: "There has been no freedom of speech in Germany since the 1920s. And I know, I am an expert on the period. The only change is that the police now no longer have to wear armbands. But they still click their heels and Follow Orders." He has instructed his German lawyers to obtain an injunction setting aside the ban.


* NOTE. This is not the same as "deported."
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