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The Province
Vancouver, British Columbia, October 29, 1992


By Charlie Anderson
Staff Reporter
and Canadian Press

REVISIONIST British historian David Irving spent last night in a Victoria police cell.

Irving, who asserts the Holocaust was exaggerated, was arrested at the Jade Restaurant alter lecturing to the Canadian Free Speech Association.

"He is being held in custody," said Victoria police Sgt. Jim Semkiw, adding Irving had been turned over to immigration officials.

Irving spoke at the meeting in defiance of an earlier letter warning him he was inadmissible to Canada.

Doug Christie, lawyer for the CFSA, had earlier tried unsuccessfully to have the ruling on Irving overturned.

"It has taken a certain personal risk for me to be here," Irving said before his arrest.

"The enemies of free speech are doing everything to prevent me."

Irving wouldn't detail how he got into Canada but said he came in with a legally submitted passport.

"...No doubt some immigration officer is going to explain that," he said.

About 100 people attended the dinner. RCMP received at least five tips that Irving was in town but the meeting location was kept secret.

Irving was scheduled to speak in Vancouver tonight. 

October 29, 1992
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