Posted Thursday, October 14, 2004

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The Fate of Loy Henderson of the State Department, who opposed the creation of the State of Israel:

Source: Harry S Truman Library, Oral History project, Loy Henderson.

The Harry S. Truman Library.
500 West US Hwy 24
MO 64050 - 1798 USA


MCKINZIE [researcher]: "Did you ever have any reason to think that because of the position that you had taken on the Palestine problem that that had some effect on your appointment as Ambassador to India?"

Loy Henderson: Oh, yes, without any doubt, it was responsible for my transfer from the Department. It also cast a shadow over me that was never fully dispelled. Literally hundreds of thousands of Americans who were devoted to the establishment and continued prosperity and development of the Jewish State have continued to associate my name with what they considered to be the nefarious 'pro-Arab' group in the State Department who had opposed the establishment of such a State.
     "During the years 1945-1948, various of my Jewish friends had tried to warn me that I was making powerful enemies who could make life miserable for me. I can recall that a Jewish member of Congress with whom I had friendly relations, had given me a fair warning. He had said, 'Loy, I want to tell you that you will be in deep trouble if you continue to adhere to what is believed to be your present attitude with regard to the establishment of the Jewish State. Can't you at least modify your stand and just let affairs take their natural course? If you continue to advise our Government against supporting the setting up of a Jewish State, your career can be ruined, and I don't know what else might happen to you."


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