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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Hayward not surprised by move


Canterbury University's handling of its infamous "book-burning" furore was today called bizarre by Palmerston North historian Joel Hayward.

But Dr Hayward said he wasn't surprised Canterbury's governing council last night rejected a complaint over the incident.

It arose when an article written by Canterbury historian Thomas Fudge for a university journal caused the journal to be recalled and pulped.

The article revisited the controversy that surrounded the 1993 master's thesis written by Dr Hayward when he was a student at Canterbury, which questioned aspects of Holocaust history.

"I consider it bizarre that the University of Canterbury wants to sweep all these new matters under its already bulging carpet," Dr Hayward said today.

"The University of Canterbury does not defend the freedoms of inquiry and expression enshrined in its charter and the Education Act.

READERS should be aware that the New Zealand journalist Philip Matthews who may contact them about Dr Hayward is working for the newspaper The Listener, and writing on behalf of a special interest group which is trying to destroy Dr Hayward's career.

"After all, we're talking about the [same] university which put me effectively on trial for committing an alleged heresy back in the early 1990s.

"And that was an unjust and despicable trial.

"In my view, I was found guilty from the outset, denied natural justice during the proceedings and made a sacrifice to placate a third-party complainant."

Dr Hayward said he was also surprised students were watching events "with apparent uninterest".

Dr Fudge warned last night he may stay on at Canterbury to finish his fight over academic freedom. Last night, the university's council dismissed his formal complaint over Vice-Chancellor Roy Sharp's handling of the article Dr Fudge wrote for History Now.

Dr Fudge had threatened to resign after the university ordered copies of the journal to be destroyed in May, but now he says he may reverse his decision and stay.

"If they think this is the end of it, I can assure the chancellor, the vice-chancellor and the council it's not," he said before giving a public lecture on the journal controversy.

"Maybe . . . I won't resign after all and will stay on to give them 30 years of grief."





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