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Professor Martin Lally comments on two newspaper editorials about the Joel Hayward petition* he has organised

Thursday, September 04, 2003
The Christchurch Press one is truly strange. Having asserted that the University erred ('craven', 'repressive incompetence', 'burner of books' etc), it then argues against admitting error because 'By reversing its stand, the University would reinforce its reputation for ineptitude.'

READERS should be aware that the New Zealand journalist Philip Matthews who may contact them about Dr Hayward is working for the newspaper The Listener, and writing on behalf of a special interest group which is trying to destroy Dr Hayward's career.

Fortunately for wrongly convicted persons in this country, the judicial process here doesn't observe the same principle. The editorial concludes by suggesting that Dr Fudge should resign because, inter alia, 'He is out of sympathy with the University and unforgiving of its behaviour.' Given that even the Editorial critiques the University's behaviour using words and phrases such as 'craven' and 'repressive incompetence', it would seem like a compliment to describe Dr Fudge in this way.

Should anyone else at the University who is out of sympathy with it on this matter also resign? Nevertheless, to see even the Christchurch Press acknowledge that the University of Canterbury has erred is something of a success, even if the conclusions they draw from its errors seem to be rather unconventional. I'm still interesting in additional signatures. The current total is 100.




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