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From Eric Epstein

To David Irving

Sunday, April 2, 2000


Your recent rantings and threats require a reponse:

1) The tone and content of your postings correctly demonstrate why you are a Holocaust denier and an intellectual thug;

2) Your threats are that of a desperate "gentleman" seeking attention. I suggest you to seek mental health counseling;

3) I encourage you to sue me for my postings and/or my book "The Dictionary of the Holocaust". You can find me at:

Eric Joseph Epstein
4100 Hillsdale Road
Harrisburg, PA 17112 717-541-1101;

4) I want to thank you for energizing me to actively seek any future trips you plan to the US be revoked due to your instability and hate mongering.

5) I recommend you visit the Dali Musuem. You have two things in common w/ Salvador Dali: 1) Fascism; and 2) Surrealism.

Sincerely, Eric Joseph Epstein



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