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Posted Saturday, December 30, 2006

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409 HV 3/05y

Tel. 01 40127/1209 or 1261

Criminal Central Court


Vienna, February 2, 2006

TO: National Office for the Protection of the Constitution
    and the Fight Against Terrorism,
    c/o Federal Police Directorate, Vienna

    or Dr. ZANDER

RE: Criminal Trial of David IRVING for Reactivation [Wiederbetätigung] - Request for Trial Security

The main trial of the criminal case against David IRVING under Section 3(g) of the Prohibition Law has been set down for trial by jury at the Central Criminal Court, Vienna, on

Monday, February 20 and Tuesday, February 21, 2006,
starting each day at 9 a.m., Grand Jury Courtroom

For this reason the prompt introduction and application of appropriate security measures are requested for guarding the courtroom and securing the criminal trial itself.

Media interest in this trial is already enormously large. Countless television teams and journalists, mainly foreign, in fact from around the entire world, have announced their coming, mainly via the Internet.

In consultation with me the President of the Central Criminal Court, Vienna, Dr. Ulrike Psenner has on this occasion waived the still-effective ban on filming and photography for the Grand Jury Courtroom, so that before the trial begins we must expect a corresponding onslaught by camera teams and news photographers, who will all thereafter have to be cleared from the courtroom in order not to delay the start of the main proceedings too long.

Particularly with this trial it is especially difficult to assess the special interest of individual members of the audience or what definite "camp" they may belong to. The fact is that the prisoner has been receiving hundreds of letters and cards every month from all over the world, which are to be counted without exception as fan mail.[*] We cannot even begin to estimate how far this interest in the various camps will translate into personal attendance at the trial.

For this reason, we request the transmittal of the above request with special urgency coupled with a plea for contact to be established, as various points ought to be clarified well in advance. For example, whether there should be an additional entrance - security check, coupled perhaps with procuring the personal ID details of every single member of the public - and whether the gallery to the Grand Jury Courtroom ought not in fact to be left closed to the public for better security and surveillance operations.

At the very least, taking into account the innumerable pages on the Internet on the subject of the trial - at times the keyword "David Irving" yielded over 9 million hits (URLs) every day - we may in any case be faced with operations to disrupt during and before the main trial.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Liebetreu
Trial President

David IRVING* COMMENT BY MR IRVING: All incoming and outgoing mail is screened by prison staff. To date, Sept. 29, 2006, around 1,500 items have been received, including only one hostile card (on my birthday, which wished Many Happy Returns - to prison). At the date of this letter, however, NONE had been released to me by the prison authorities.

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David Irving arrest in Vienna (dossier)
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