David Irving's Fight against Australian Suppression of Free Speech

David Irving applies yet again for a Visa

To the

Australian High Commission

November 5, 1997

David Irving

David Irving after challenging prime minister John Howard in London on October 23, 1997.

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Dear Sirs


I ENCLOSE herewith an application for a visa to visit Australia for a few days (I estimate: seven days maximum) for the sole purpose of giving expert testimony at a hearing of the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission on or about December 15, 1997, on a complaint against Dr Frederick Toben of Adelaide. The hearing is to be held in Sydney.

Enclosed with this letter are:-

(a) copy of a letter from the Respondent Dr Toben, July 3;

(b) a newspaper clipping from The Australian, July 8;

(c) copy of a confidential letter faxed by me on July 31 to Mr Andrew Metcalfe, senior adviser to the minister (Mr Ruddock) Mr Metcalfe kindly advised me in his reply to submit a visa application in the normal way. My offer in para. 4 of my letter of July 31 still stands;

(d) copy of a further letter from Dr Toben to me, October 27;

(e) copy of my Witness Statement as submitted to the Commission.

There is I am sure no need for me to dilate on the background of this application or on para.10 of the enclosed application form. I am not enclosing the passport yet, both because you were kind enough to return it almost immediately the last time I made an application, and because I am visiting the USA - land of free speech! - for one month from November 13. [I can be contacted there by phone and fax, or of course through this, my London office]; I would submit my passport by courier for insertion of the visa if, as should surely be the case, permission for this entry is granted. I understand incidentally that there is special provision for the granting of visas for witnesses whose presence is required in legal and quasi-legal proceedings. I am also sending all this material simultaneously to Mr Metcalfe direct.

Yours sincerely,

David Irving
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