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Documents on the "Holocaust"

British codebreakers intercept Dec 1, 1941 code messages from Himmler and his adjutant ordering the SS murderer Jeckeln to report to Headquarters, to be reprimanded for exceeding instructions in liquidating thousands of German Jews in Riga on Nov 30, 1941 (see items at bottom of this page)

Translations of SS and Gestapo messages of November 17 - December 1, 1941, decoded a few days later each time by the British codebreakers

Source of all these: Public Record Office File HW16/32, GPS [Bletchley Park, "German Police Section] Nos. [sic] July - December 1941"


ZIP/GPD 515/25.12.41: German Police Decodes, No. 1, Traffic 17.11.41


No 35: SPK from DQB SSD Berlin No. 44 2300 3 parts 173 169 177 SPK1

Commander of Security Police Dr Lange in Riga.

Re Evakuierung of the Jews. November 17, 1941 at 18:25 hrs transport train No. DO 26 has left Berlin for KOVNO [Kaunas] with 944 Jews. Transport escorted by two Gestapo and fifteen police officers. Transport commander is Kriminaloberassessor EXNER, who has two copies of the transport list with him. Transport provided with following provisions: 3000 Kg. bread, 2700 Kg. flour, 200 Kg. peas, 200 Kg. nutriments, 300 Kg. cornflakes, 18 bottles of soup spices. . . . [continued in Berlin Nr 45]."


No 36: SPK1 from SPÖ SSD Berlin No. 45 2300 2 parts 107 103

SPK1 410 .... 52,5 Kg. soup-powders, 100 packets of .... corrupt groups .... 50 Kg. salt, 1.... corrupt groups .... 1 ..... corrupt groups ...... and 47,200 Rm. in Reich cashiers' credits. Gestapo HQ Berlin, IV D 1.

[What the top secret intercepts looked like in British files.]

typical decoded intercepts of SS messages


[Our translations of some of the above top secret intercepts:]

ZIP/GPD 467/30.11.41: German Police Decodes, No. 1, Traffic 20.11.41


No. 2: SPK1 from SPÖ BREMEN No 1 0800 3 parts 149 117 91 SPK1 410

Commander of Order Police and SS, RIGA

Concerning evacuation of Jews. Transport train DO 56 has left BREMEN destination MINSK with 971 Jews on 18.11.41. Escort command regular police BREMEN. Transport commander Police Meister BOCHKORN is in possession of two lists of names and 48,700 Reichsmarks in cashiers' credits. Jews are well provisioned with food and appliances. State Police, BREMEN.


No. 15: DQH from SPK SPK1 No 7 1130 3 parts 175 149 45 DQH 152

Command Office of Waffen SS, Dept. V, SS mot., BERLIN.

SS Obergruppenführer JECKELN transferred from KIEV to RIGA. [Vehicle No.] SS 200116 not taken over here but probably in KIEV. If car remains with Senior SS and Police Commander South, request urgent allocation of a Type 61 motor vehicle to Baltic Provinces, as nothing taken over here. Request listing of all materials delivered for Prützmann's command-staff and sending of all motor vehicle papers. Senior SS and Police Commander, Baltic Provinces, AUER, [Motor] Inspector N.

ZIP/GPD 511/24.12.41: German Police Decodes, No. 1, Traffic 1.12.41


No. 2: DQH from SPK SSD SPL1 No 1 0915 2 parts 107 83 DQH 152

SS Main Leadership office, BERLIN.

I need by next available air courier ten Finnish military pistols with two drum magazines each. Execution of Sonderaktionen. Request radio-telegram reply.

Senior SS and Police Commander North Russia

[For our translation of these two December 1, 1941 signals, see below:]


ZIP/GPD 471/4.12.41: German Police Decodes, No. 2, Traffic 1.12.41


No. 24: OEJ from DSQ SSD DSQ No 3 1930 2 parts 175 71 SPK1 3742

SS Obergruppenführer JECKELN, Senior SS and Police Commander, Ostland [Baltic Provinces], RIGA. The Reichsführer SS [HIMMLER] summons you to him for a conference on 4.12.41. Please state when you will arrive here and by what means you will be travelling (on account of being fetched). (Sgd.) [Werner] GROTHMANN, SS Hauptsturmführer and Adjutant [of Himmler]


No. 25: OEJ from DSQ SSD DSQ No 4 1930 2 parts 177 75 SPK1 3742

SS Obergruppenführer JECKELN, Senior SS and Police Commander, Ostland [Baltic Provinces], RIGA. The Jews being resettled in the Ostland region are to be treated only in accordance with the guidelines laid down by myself or by the Reich Security Main Office. I will punish those who act on their own authority or in contravention [of the guidelines]. (Sgd. H HIMMLER)"

Himmler, Hitler

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See David Irving, Hitler's War (Millennium edition, 2002), page 455, for commentary on these intercepts.
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