Wartime Interrogation Reports on Auschwitz Eye-Witnesses

The Annexe: A Sketch Map of Auschwitz

Annexe to CSDIC (UK) Report SIR.938, September 11, 1944 (ten inches wide)
Sketch Map of Auschwitz
Annexed to the document was this sketch map. The key letters have been superimposed in RED for clarity.
The legend (box, top right) reads:


A. Platform with two sentries and MG
B. Sentry post and two men
C. Oberstubaf Weiler's office
D. Prisoner's huts
E. Large SS hut
F. Hut for Convict Oversee-ers.
G Incinerator bldg with one gas oven and chimney
H. wire fence around camp, 3 m high

Map Ref:- Rough enlargement from GSGS 4081828 ...

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