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Frank Lowe Jr writes from North Carolina Friday, January 14, 2005 about the controversial diary of the Auschwitz doctor Kremer



Dr Kremer and the word "Sonderaktion" (III)

YES, Kremer changed the actual location of the insertion of "poison gas" [into the Auschwitz gas chamber] in every testimony from 1946 to his last testimony in the 1960's, three times:

  • Starting at the side entrance for the insertion point,
  • it moved to a "specially designed shaft" on the roof,
  • to a "dormer window" in his last testimony in the 1960's.

The most important thing is that if Aumeier's testimony is correct, then the first gassing wasn't until mid-November of 1942 and Kremer's "diary" is two months off, plus the fact that he claims the bodies went to crematoria that didn't exist yet, except for Auschwitz I.

Add in

  • Aumeier's testimony that Jews weren't cremated until 1943 and
  • Kremer left the camp on December 1, 1942.

Some really spotty "documentation" here, but consistent with all the testimony from everybody in all the camps, change after change, after change. . . . From electrocution to poison gas, and then the wrong one.

Have we forgot the head technician of the camp, Otto Ambros, was working on [the nerve gases] Tabun and Sarin at Gross Rosen concentration camp at the same time? (Said Otto was a former schoolmate of Heinrich Himmler.) Himmler left the execution of the Holocaust to a concentration camp commandant with no experience in chemical weapons at all? A real bunch of criminal genuises!

Apparently, Himmler ordered the crematoria for Auschwitz/Birkenau in December 1941 (Crematoria IV and V), and Hans Kammler (Head of SS construction) canceled their installation on February 26, 1942 (Gutman's Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp).

Finally after the camp was under typhus quarantine from July 10, 1942 to January of 1943 and the contract labor of the Falck Company building them was in quarantine for the whole month of December 1942, construction of the "well-planned crime" finally got under way.

Here we go again . . . .

Frank Lowe Jr


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