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Eric has pertinent information (Tuesday, January 11, 2005) about the controversial diary of the Auschwitz doctor Kremer



Dr Kremer and the word "Sonderaktion" (III)

YOU may not be aware that the really incriminating portions of the Dr. Johann Paul Kremer documents [diary] lie in statements the doctor made in trials after the war. [Hyperlinks, please?] His diary contains vague and sinister references to "the camp of the annihilation" and "special actions" and people "begging for their bare lives, which were not spared", but says nothing explicit about gassing.

Kremer was accused of war crimes in late '45 or early '46. He made statements in his 1947 deposition to the effect that his diary entries refer to homicidal gassings, which he described for the court in 1960.

But they are

  • not consistent with statements made by other eyewitnesses;
  • nor with any plan to kill large numbers of people;
  • nor with the layout and architecture of the camp and it's buildings;
  • nor with the chemistry and physics of cyanide gas.

The description of activities in the camp as presented in his diary entries does accord very well with the descriptions of the epidemics and executions which were taking place in the camp at that time. It is hypothesized that his cryptic and sinister diary entries are accurate if bowdlerized descriptions of those events, and his postwar statements are coerced and dishonest.

Those who wish us to believe in the extermination tend to present the diary entries and postwar statements woven together into one, with the provenance of each piece of text banished to the footnotes, if it is acknowledged at all. This tends to make Kremer's self-serving postwar testimony appear to be from a contemporaneous diary.

Kremer's post-war statements, if they are true, make him out to be a mass murderer; they were accepted in court against other persons so accused. Kremer retired from the witness stand to resume his medical practice in Munster, apparently untroubled by his conscience, or the law.

[identity known to this website, a frequent correspondent].

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