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The Problems with the Testimony of Auschwitz-Kommandant Rudolf Höss

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One correspondent puts to us on September 23, 1998 these points:

The sequence established by Höss' testimony is fraudulent:

1. The camps that he visited were not operational in the summer of 1941.

2. If he had the orders before the invasion of the Soviet Union he could not have gotten them from Himmler in Berlin as he later claimed. Himmler was on an inspection tour of the Lodz ghetto in early June of 1941, as the winter uniforms for the Soviet invasion were being manufactured there.

3. It was a full 15 months after Höss alleged he received this "order" that he decided to disposed of the bodies from the massive typhus epidemic that struck Auschwitz in the summer of 1942.

4. Strangely, Oswald Pohl, the head of the concentration camp system, came to the camp shortly after Hoess' visit to the other camps to learn how to dispose of the bodies. His visit was prompted by the fact that Hoess had used two and one-half tons of Zyklon B to delouse the camp after the massive typhus epidemic struck the camp.

5. Strange that Himmler would give the orders to Höss for the extermination of the Jews without informing Pohl, the head of the system that such an order existed?

6. If this is not enough, the fact is that Himmler was not in charge of the "Jewish Question" and never had been. Goering and the military planned the use of Jews as slave labor at a conference on July 31st, 1941. General Georg Thomas of Continentale Corp AG. met in the afternoon of the 31st and made the decision, and Heydrich and Goering met between 6 and 7 p.m. that evening.

 The problem with the sequence of events is horrendous, as anyone can see.

Some textual editing of the above response was made.

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