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 Posted Wednesday, July 14, 1999

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Letters to David Irving's ACTION REPORT



The daughter of Auschwitz commandant writes...

CAN you tell me if the crematorium that I saw at Auschwitz I (main camp) was ever used at this camp? Even Anneliese said, "those were not there,' when she saw the pictures I took of the inside and outside? The originals at Birkenau were destroyed before the evacuation of the camp, were they not? I am busy working on my book, and yes, I took pictures at Auschwitz.

square David Irving replies: As you know the authorities at Auschwitz have formally banned me from setting foot in their archives.

I wonder what they're trying to hide! It's plain that Auschwitz I, the Stammlager, has undergone a monstrous face lift since 1945, with many edifices erected there since the war. A crematorium with a chimney which is not even attached to the building -- a dummy! -- is one example. The "gas chamber" shown to tourists is another, as phoney as the magic castles at Orlando and Anaheim. That is why your mother Anneliese Liebehenschel did not remember them.

They were erected by the Poles in 1948, as they now admit.

It is a scandal, but anybody who breathes a word about the fraud out loud is persecuted, fined, and (in Germany, which doesn't have a wonderful human rights record so far this millennium) imprisoned.



Watch out, Travellers to Germany!

When K. and I went to Salzburg in the fall of 1997 we had to fly to Munich and continue on by train, there being no direct flights from Seattle. At Munich airport they took us out of line and went over our baggage with a fine tooth comb. I had nothing in my luggage that hinted of Holocaust denial.

This incident confirmed my suspicion that they are watching everyone. I am sure they were looking for something to put me in jail for.

Just another incident to be aware of. All Revisionists on the Internet should be aware of this.

D., Seattle

AR: D. is an active user of the Internet. It reminds us of once when we were leaving Montréal to drive to Boston; arriving at the Canadian border at 2 a.m., our car alone was taken out of the line, we were taken into a building, and through the window we saw to our astonishment the car being literally dismantled -- door panels unscrewed, floors taken up, wheels dismounted, spare wheel deflated.

Bernie FarberFortunately we had sent all our stocks of narcotics, AK--47s, Nazi flags, hammer-and-sickle badges, and pornographic literature on ahead by Canada Post, and we had stored all our Gold Krugerrands in a Swiss bank, so the car was bare.

After two hours they handed the keys back to us, without a murmur of apology, and we drove on. We silently thanked Mr Bernie Farber [right] and his cohorts for this visitation.


square I enjoyed your talk in Fort Lauderdale -- PS: The School system in Dade county, Florida, has implemented a filter barring schoolchildren from access to your site.

Liana Stanton,

AR comments: In Florida and other parts of the United States -- the world's last bastion of free speech -- legislators now require colleges and schools drawing State or Federal funds for their computer equipment to install filtering software approved and designed by the New-York based Anti-Defamation League.

Since most students have access to unfiltered equipment elsewhere, at home, in Internet cafes, and at work, they tend to pay even closer attention to the sites the ADL does not want them to read. Regrettably, the overall result in our view can only be an increase in anti-Semitic feeling.

Coming to Cincinnati in September 1999: David Irving's RHUSA16

The Cincinnati conference on Real History

I WAS first introduced to your work by Professor Hartmut Fröschle of the University of Toronto. My wife was fortunate to have studied under him both in Canada and in Germany.

It was by his direction that I have begun my intellectual awakening. I look forward to the opportunity to participate in the upcoming conference, [SEE "CINCINNATI"] and if possible, to meet you personally.

Kheven Grubb,


Posters --

SEVERAL weeks ago I received the HITLER'S WAR posters that I purchased through your Website. I was impressed with the posters' quality and historical significance. Framed and displayed in my personal library, they remind me daily of the importance of preserving the Real History you so admirably advocate.

For over 20 years, I have read and studied material dealing with all aspects of Hitler's life. Your work remains my unchallenged favorite.

I would welcome the opportunity to attend one of your speaking functions. I know you are planning a conference in Ohio. Do you foresee any future functions a bit closer to North Carolina?

Wishing you all the best in your personal, professional, and legal efforts --

Teresa A
Wilson, North Carolina

 AR: Mr Irving will be speaking in North Carolina in September.


Damage Control?

I READ the article in the New York Times concerning your legal action against Deborah Lipstadt. This seems rather mild for the Times; I wonder if it is intended to serve as advance damage control -- or merely to lull? It is noteworthy that the on-line article is linked prominently from the opening page, suggesting that they wish to bring it to the notice of readers.

As a daily reader of the online New York Times (though usually with teeth clenched), I find this all rather surprising.

Philip Smith, Chicago



square AT LAST the Swedish edition of GOEBBELS. MASTERMIND OF THE THIRD REICH is printed. We are making an intensive direct drive to the Swedish booksellers; we started only this week and already forty-three of the biggest book-shops have ordered -- for Sweden that is a very good result.

Valkyria Publishing,


square ONE QUICK observation -- the Focal Point editions of your books [HITLER'S WAR, GOEBBELS. MASTERMIND OF THE THIRD REICH, APOCALYPSE '45 AND NUREMBERG, THE LAST BATTLE], are of very high quality and well printed. Congratulations are due.

F I, Big Bend, Wisconsin.


square MANY THANKS for your most interesting ACTION REPORT, containing so much information -- not only on the issue, as such, but on your stupendous activities as well.

Thilo Bode, Munich
(ex-London correspondent, Süddeutsche Zeitung)


Vanishing Trick

WHEN it had miraculously disappeared from Australian library bookshelves and the girl at the L'Express office finally admitted, "I am not allowed to give it to you," you were kind enough to send me a facsimile of its article on Auschwitz [L'Express, Jan. 25, 1995]. I have used this in "Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics" (Book V, chapter 28, pages 465ff) in my latest work The Thirteenth Stone (Fountainhead, Fremantle, Australia). Thanks…

Lewis da Costa,

AR: It is also on our Website at



YOU SAY your faith in the rectitude of our wartime cause has taken another beating. Mine faded away some time ago, I think when I met my wife, a German from upper Silesia (born 1927), and heard of her experience. I also, a few years later, came across your book on Dresden.

I read the Radical's Diary first, at a fast pace, feeling that I'm right there! The piece on the Swiss Gold racket was superb, presenting a noxious catalogue of the sort of extortionist methods used by the enemies of the truth.

Upon finishing the AR, I re-read your 1990 speech "We have Lost our Sense of Destiny." Tears of anger welled up in my eyes at your description of Churchill's cynical prolongation of the war at such an awful cost to our nation. However, your vision, as ever, inspired me anew to go on.

W O, Ilford, England

Abe Foxman celebratesAR-Postscript on the Swiss Gold article. Abe Foxman [right], estimable national director of the Anti-Defamation League, admitted in a smirk-smirk article in Forward, New York, Sept. 4, 1998, "We Bludgeoned Them and Bludgeoned Them . . ." This article can be seen at

on our website.



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