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No.14, July 20, 1998

OpEd No.1


THE GROWING intensity of the efforts by the forces hostile to free speech, for whom as our readers know ACTION REPORT first coined the phrase the "Traditional Enemies of the Truth," has in fury united campaigners on both wings of the great historical divides.

As reported on the front page of this issue, the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai Brith, never known for overweening friendliness towards researchers into real history, has begun spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on research into a two-pronged attack on that pesky little critter, freedom of speech on the Internet.

  • They are seeking technical ways of blocking material that they find objectionable.
  • They are seeking ways of forcing governments to impose this software on the communications industry at every level.

Orwell himself could not have dreamed up a scenario where researchers, freely inquiring into the causes of the past century's tragedies and disasters, find their inquiries automatically diverted, like freight trains at a darkened switching yard, by hidden software built by government decree into their own computers, into the well-stocked larders of the ADL and its hired liars and international cronies -- like the German government.

Riding the shirt-tails of real global issues, like the need to protection children from pornography and women from exploitation, and hidden behind such innocent-sounding trade names as Surfwatch and Cyber Patrol, the censors of the Twenty-First Century are closing in on the Net.

This is an urgent issue on which left and right, hardcore revisionist and artery-hardened academic, must see eye to eye.

COMMENT:  A watchful free world must deny to the evil people behind the ADL the right to ram hidden thought-control chips into our circuit-boards, ARdesigned to superimpose their views, by cyberforce, on the rest of us.

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